Arborium V3.11 beta

this document is still in beta release, as is the arborium itself so please forgive any faults or omissions, but do let me know about them.

The arborium is an alternative world for the game creatures, now known as creatures 1, which was released onto an unsuspecting public in 1997. There will be a creatures 3 port of the arborium some time in the future as well as a continuation of the arborium for c2 as part of a major work tentatively called monolith(name subject to change without notice)

The world is based on slinks starter world #1 which uses the Terra Nornia breeding and object classification rules.

All the required scripts for creature breeding and growth have been installed

Installation instructions.

Unzip all images from the file to the creatures images folder

Unzip all sounds from the file to the creatures sounds folder

Unzip the file,which contains arbo.sfc and this document to the creatures directory where you keep your worlds, usually the main creatures folder.

Unzip the background, arbo.spr from to the creatures images drectory

There are no plans for a self extracting versoin of the files due to a lack of web space.

Operating instructions

The world is still rather short of food objects and has no toys installed yet so it is not suitable for unsupervised norn occupation without the addition of third party food cobs, remember that they must conform to the Terra Nornia calssification rules to avoid confuseing the norns. I am currently working on several injectable and fixed food cobs


the game engine, norns and concept © Cyberlife

All artwork excluding the door sprites and the incubator is © Anthony Edwards (thatís me, ant)

The arborium is based on slinks starter world #1, it also contains the Terra Nornia doors and the Terra Nornia modified incubator both of which are slinks creations. For more data on the basic scripts and the Terra Nornia components see the slink's specials section of

The world is currently being officially tested by Carolyn Horn, Data and xOtix but anybody is welcome play with it.

Fault reports, brickbats or bouquets can be sent to