Sixpack 1

In this weeks Sixpak, I have included a new object called 'The Pill'.
This object was developed by Alexander Laemmle. I suggested that we 
use a modified version of his Holo-Doc to keep 'Sweet' Norns from taking 
over and stopping evolution in its tracks. He developed this object 
which keeps Immortal females from getting pregnant. It is a step in 
the right direction. If anyone can think of a solution to keep Immortal
males from fathering children, please let me know.

I have included 4 sweet Norns and 2 regular Norns so that you can test
the Pill out. After a few generations, only regualar Norns should
exist. Unfortunately, Alex didn't want to actually kill the sweet 
Norns, so you may end up with them still running around. I am 
working on a version that will keep track of the health over time and 
only kill truly sweet Norns. When the genetics kit comes out, I will
see if there is a way to program the Norns so that they will self 
destruct if they become a sweet norn. Kind of like a telomere cap.