Christmas Pack 1997

Some more seasonal agents to cheer up your Norns in Creatures 1.
Gameware packed up their Mr Scrooge shoes, said goodbye to the "bah humbugs" and found some little presents to put under your Norn's Christmas tree.

Also included is a freak Albian snow-storm (and a blazing fire to warm your Norns up afterwards!), Christmas cards, a decorated Incubator (adds a little festive spirit to hatchings!) and a Christmas pudding. All form the 1997 CyberLife Creatures Christmas Pack, and... the best news of all is that the all new Santa-Norn is an altogether far more cheerful and jolly fellow!

This Christmas pack contains the following:

Fireplace: A roaring log fire to chase the winter chill from your Norns.

Tinderbox: A log box to refuel the fire when it starts to burn down.

Christmas Pudding: This seasonal speciality (once injected into the game) appears on the stove near the incubator. You'll need to be careful though as it's still cooking and is extremely hot.
If any Norn attempts to sneak a quick bite the pudding will be a bit painful. The pudding will decrease in size when eaten. Also, your Norn may be lucky enough to find a surprise silver coin inside a portion, it's not all good news though, your Norn may have a lucky coin but he'll also have a sore mouth!

Christmas Crackers: Can ONLY be pulled by a Norn if the hand is holding one, so grab that cracker and get a Norn to pull the other end. An explosion and a toy will come out of the cracker - there are 5 different toys and some of them are fun to play with.
NOTE: It's possible that while pulling a cracker the on-screen hand will freeze - this is rare but easily fixed. Just close down your world and re-start it and the hand will be functioning as normal. (If you are cheating then remember to save the world before closing down.)

Decorations (Cards, Tinsel, Streamers and twinkling lights):
Pick up and place at will - once they are in position click on them to fix them in place. Once fixed they cannot be moved or activated. If you don't fix them in place they will float and not remain in one place.
NOTE: If, after you inject one of these items, you release it and it disappears, check at the bottom of the world - just below where you released it and you will find it.

Incubator Lights: Places some pleasing lights around the Incubator. Brings a smile to a new Norn's face!

Snow Storm: Once injected this will start a small snow-storm falling in the garden area, which will continue for a little while on it's own. It will stop on it's own at some point but you can inject the remover to cancel it's effects.

Santa Norn: To get the Santa Norn into your game world you'll need to go to the File Menu and select Import, you should see the file, "Santa.exp", double click this file to bring him into your game world.