Objekt Pack 2

This is the second CyberLife Object Pack. It contains the Cave Fly, the Butterflies, Coconuts, a Teddy Bear and more.

Please spare a few moments to read this text file - it will tell you all about 
each new COB but more importantly *what* happens when you press INJECT on the
Injector Kit.
This text file is viewable at any time from your Creatures directory.

This beautiful butterfly flutters around Albia before returning to the clouds 
to lay it's eggs. It is totally harmless to all other inhabitants of Albia in
both it's butterfly and caterpillar stage - although it is partial to the fruit
of the Beelacanth plant.
Pressing INJECT will force a number of caterpillars (5) to descend from the clouds,
when these reach maturity they will crysalise and emerge as butterflies ready 
to perform their mysterious dance in the skies above the garden.

Introduce a new food source to the desert Island, it's not recomended as a 
staple diet but is more than adequate for a survival snack.
Pressing INJECT will seed 4 coconuts onto the Island's palm trees.

The cave fly is an annoying flying insect that likes dark, damp locations - 
they can carry disease and infection so keep an eye on any wandering norns!
If you can not cope with the added danger from the Cave Fly you can swat 
them out of the air - or encourage your norns to.
Pressing INJECT will put 6 Cave Flies into the world near the submarine bay.

This fantastical device contains the means to introduce a new species of plant
to Albia - the Beelacanth. Activating the Seed Launcher will shoot a number of
seeds up into the air to be dispersed, if these seeds come to rest in a favourable
location they will start to grow.
The Beelacanth flowers and fruits if pollinated - either by insect or creature - 
and these fruit can be left to seed and will grow into full plants in time. 
Both fruit/seed and plant can be eaten, although the taste of the plant can be 
quite harsh on a norn's palette the fruit is most delicious when fresh.
Pressing INJECT will drop a single Seed Launcher into the Temple area.

This toxic spray has a systemic affect on the Beelacanth plant and will generally
cause any plants it falls on to start to wilt and die. The sprayer mist is mildly
harmful to creatures so try and discourage inquisitive norns from getting to close
when spraying! 
Activating the bottle will release a spray of mist into the air which will drift 
and thin. The sprayer *can* be activated rapidly in succession - releasing more 
mist - but beware of CPU slowdown. A single or double spray is normally sufficient
to clear the immediate area.
Pressing INJECT will place a single bottle of Solution X in the hand.

This updates the Bee Hives and gives the bees a new lease of life. The hives will
still refill the honey jars as before but can now be used in two other direct ways;
one way is a brute force way of getting honey out of the hive and involves a norn
shaking the hive to get to the honey! Try and encourage them to be nice to hives - 
it's usually less painful and more rewarding.
The bees will now roam the world and show defensive behaviour if a hive-brother is
killed near them. Bees are good for the garden so should be encouraged, but if your
norns are determined to kill them all you can release some more from the hive by 
shaking it (click with the hand).
Pressing INJECT will remove all existing bees from the world before updating the 
hives and then giving them a shake to wake the bees.

This toy is really just a comforter for distressed norns. If they pick it up or
play with it suddenly the world becomes a brighter, safer place. 
It also helps norns to sleep so you could use it to encourage an exhausted norn to 
Pressing INJECT will place a single bear in the incubator area.