Object Pack 1

This is the first CyberLife Object Pack and contains - Smashing Jugs, Honey Jars, The Carrot Variant and the famous Albia Carrot Beetle.

This strange creature is the Albian Carrot Beetle, it exists purely on
a diet of Albian carrots. 
Norns, being an adaptive species, have found a couple of ways to deal 
with the competition for the carrots - the most extreme being to eat the 
beatles. Norns can also get much enjoyment out of a beatle, maybe just 
by following one around and watching it move, maybe by holding one while
it struggles to break free, or maybe some other way...
Put a few into your world and watch as they rush to the aid of a captured
fellow beatle. Can you encourage your Norns to co-exist with the beatles?
Pressing INJECT will drop a single beetle into Albia - you're actively 
encouraged to hit that button a few times!

This is a simple piece of instant gratification for a Norn.
See that expensive jug over there? Oops, I've dropped it <SMASH>.
Felt good though didn't it?
Pressing INJECT will place a single jug into the hand.

These are extra food sources for your Norns. 
BEWARE - they are not *quite* the same as the
existing honey jars - not in a harmful way 
Can you get more than one use out of one of these?
Pressing INJECT will place a single jar into the hand.

This is a very close relative to the carrot that grows in the Norns garden,
but it seems to have evolved in a area where the toughness of it's flesh was
important. These carrots can be particuly useful for atracting the attention
of a sick norn.
Can you get a Norn to juggle a pair of carrots?
Pressing INJECT will remove any existing Carrot Variants from the world before 
planting 5 seedlings into the garden. These seedlings will self-seed but never 
to the extent of the native carrot.