Object Injector

This is the latest version of the Creatures Object Injector (also referred to as an Agent Injector).
Please note that you need the Creatures 1 - 1.02 Update to use these new objects.
How to use the Object Injector
Once you have installed the Creatures Object Injector, you will find a new button added to your toolbar, it should like like three balls formed into a triangle shape.
When you click on the Object Injector button, a window will open, there are two tabs, the front page and the 'Add and remove objects" page. Click the 'Add and remove objects' tab to access the Object Injector.
Once you click the tab, you should see the dialogue box below.
If you cannot see any objects in the Object Injector list (underneath 'Select an Object' in the image above), you need to click the browse button and navigate to your Creatures directory. This is usually C:\Program Files\Creatures.
If you still cannot see any objects in the list, make sure you have COB files (files with COB as an extension ie. Coconuts.COB) on your machine somewhere and navigate to that folder using the browse button on your Object Injector.
Once you have selected an object, it will be displayed in the Object Injector window . Click "Add Object" and your object will be injected into Creatures.
Once this is complete, you will be able to repeat the process and inject another object. If the COB has an uninstaller file with it (an RCB file i.e. Coconuts.RCB), then you will be able to use the Remove Object function to remove the object from your world.