Windows NT Install Patch

The original win95 Creatures was not NT compatible and the installer for Creatures does not allow you install onto NT.

You must first install this file before attempting to install Creatures on Windows NT. Make sure you read the enclosed Read-me file for full details on how to install Creatures on an NT based PC. Once this is installed, you can update Creatures to 1.0.2.

Creatures on an NT machine.
All the executable files in the Creatures Update 2 pack have been made NT compatible. This pack needs to be installed over an existing installation of win95 Creatures. However, as the original win95 Creatures was non-NT compatible, the installer for Creatures does not let you install onto NT. To work around this follow the instructions below.

(1) Insert the Creatures CD.
(2) When you get a message box appear saying that Creatures only runs on Windows 95 click the Close Window button on the top right corner of the window.
(3) Double click on "My Computer" icon.
(4) Right click on you CD drive icon and select Open. This will open a window showing the contents of the CD.
(5) Copy the whole of the Install directory to a temporary place on you hard drive. You will require approximately 30Mb of disk space.
(6) Copy the extra setup files that are with this ReadMe:
- DXSetup.exe
- setup.ins
- setup.pkg
into the Install directory you have just made on your hard disk.
(7) Run Setup.exe in the Install directory on your hard disk, this should install Creatures.

You must update the executable files that have been installed for the NT compatible versions available from the CyberLife Website.
(8) Run the Creatures Update 2 pack to update the Creatures executable files to NT compatible versions.

The path to the CD intro and tutorial needs to be updated to point to your CD intro directory. To do this follow the instructions below.
(9) Copy the file UpdateIntroPath.reg that came with this readme to your Desktop.
(10) Use Notepad to edit the UpdateIntroPath.reg on your Desktop. Change the drive letter (D) of the Intro path to the drive letter that corresponds to your CD drive.
(11) After saving the file double click on the edited UpdateIntroPath.reg. This will update your registry.

You are now ready to run Creatures.